Cover art of J. Glaze single 'Heaven on Earth (Light One)'

New single!

Heaven on Earth (Light One)

Sep 4th 2020

This was the second song I had produced for 2GWU. I really love working with those guys because they are all about the artform. We cooked up the track from scratch in my Staten Island studio. I was honored when they asked me to lay down some horns, and even more honored when they gave me a featured artist credit.

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Cover art of 'Caldera'


Apr 10th 2020

When I first heard about calderas on a podcast, I identified with the idea of a tranquil crater with burning hot magma beneath the surface.

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Cover art of 'Revolver'


Feb 20th 2020

First J. Glaze single as a solo artist. Music is built just like the foundations of the universe. This song is the representation of that.

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Cover art of 'Get On Up'

Get On Up

May 11th 2017

Tyrone and I originally wrote this song for an ad that referenced one of our favorite artists.

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